Tax Services

We are experts in the field of taxation and pride ourselves in offering efficient and concise tax services to our clients. From tax preparation to tax planning, un-filed tax returns, and even resolving Federal and state tax issues. We are here to support you, your family, and your business.


Financial Advisory Meets Tax Planning

We can help meet your financial goals. Be it for the upcoming tax season or saving for your children's education and/or your retirement. Or maybe you need us to analyze your finances and see what needs to change so you can meet your financial goals – whatever it is, our experts are prepared to help you.


Tax Services

We are licensed tax professionals and have the knowledge and experience to assist you and your business with all tax circumstances, including tax preparation, tax planning, and resolving tax issues. 

Preparing your tax returns calls for accuracy, organization skills, and experience – something that the team at O'Hare Financial is known for. Let us take the stress of tax season away for you, by filing your taxes for you.

Many tax preparers are good at putting the right numbers in the right boxes on the tax return. However, in order to minimize your tax liability, you need proactive tax planning. O'Hare Financial prides itself on being able to lower your tax liability to the lowest amount possible by offering cutting edge tax planning services to individuals and families as well as small businesses. 

Many people, from all walks of life, as well as businesses, can run into issues with the IRS or their state taxing authority. These issues can range from unfiled income tax returns, unfiled payroll tax returns to outstanding income and payroll tax liabilities. Sean has extensive experience in representing clients in front of the IRS and resolving their tax “nightmares”. 


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"Sean O'Hare was not only helpful but hugely knowledgeable. My wife and I had a very complicated tax return that involved income from two different states and a ton of untaxed freelance work. Sean aced our return and saved us money. Can't wait to work with O'Hare Financial again."

Ryan Britt