Financial Planning

Being financial advisor in New England for more than 20 years, we understand how important it is for individuals and businesses to feel secure and confident about their finances.

It's normal to have questions and concerns about your finances – be it about your retirement, your estate assets, investments, trust accounts – even concerns about saving for your child's college tuition. You should have someone to turn to when these questions arise. That's when we come in.


Financial Advisory Meets Tax Planning

We can help you meet your financial goals. Be it for the upcoming tax season or saving for your retirement. Or maybe you need us to analyze your finances and see what needs to change so you can meet your financial goals, whatever it is, we can help.


Retirement Planning

It's important to be prepared for when the day you no longer work arrives. Retirement planning is essential because it gives your soul the peace of mind that you'll be taken cared of financially during your senior years.


Estate Planning

With estate planning, we can help you prepare the transfer of your assets. This includes life insurance, pensions, real estate, cars, and more.

Portfolio Development and Rebalancing

O'Hare Financial can assist in analyzing your investments and provide useful trading strategies. We can also help you manage and oversee your portfolio to ensure your investments are in good standing.

Life Insurance Review

Need a financial professional to review your life insurance? Our team is familiar with life insurance and can review yours, or assist you in getting life insurance, ensuring you're getting the best service possible.


Certified College Financial Consultant 

Many of our families are overwhelmed regarding planning for college for their children. Often we are asked, “When should we really start making this apart of our financial plan?” The answer is always as soon as possible! This may differ for each family however we work with families from when their child is born creating a plan and often in late-stage college financial planning. No matter what stage you find yourself in we can work alongside you to create a plan that fits your needs.

At O'Hare Financial we offer financial advisory to make sure you are supported and get your answers answered. We have the tools and years of experience to help answer your questions, analyze your finances, and create an efficient financial plan of action.

Contact O'Hare Financial for estate planning, transferring assets, analyzing investments, reviewing life insurance. 




"Great company that cares about your financial future. I couldn't have found a better company to navigate through these new complex tax laws. I and my company have been with O'Hare for close to 10 years."

Nicholas Karahalios